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Pastor Philip Mantofa is a well-known artist in his country, Indonesia. Ps Mantofa is the leader of the Mawar Sharon church in Surabaya, which has now more than 50 cell-churches around the world. On March 15th we hosted, here at the Yardenit, a thousand pilgrims from his congregation for the baptism. On this occasion, Ps Mantofa gifted us with his JOHN BAPTIZING JESUS painting.

Another work of Pastor Mantofa, the “Wailing Wall – Praise for Jerusalem”, is available at our site for purchase.

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Lastly, we would like to share Ps Mantofa’s inspirational words on Baptism:

“When I baptize men in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit, as He commanded, the ‘Three’ are present in the water with me:

The Father loves sinners back into His arms through my embrace; the Son of God is revealed in their hearts through my words; and the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit descends upon them, through my faith, like a dove.

I baptize because I love! “

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