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The Torah Scroll

The Torah Scroll is a parchment made of the Kosher animal skin, hand-written in a special script by a skilled scribe trained for this work. The parchment is wound between two wooden poles with decorated handles. It contains the entire text of the Five Books of Moses.

The first Torah Scroll was written by Moses directly from the words of God. Before his death, in his last words, Moses told Jewish people to read the Torah Scroll and to find in it answers to all the vital questions of the life.

Since then, many identical copies were written so the tradition to write the Torah Scroll for each Jewish community was retained by present days.

The Torah Scroll

Each synagogue has its own Torah Scroll which is read aloud on different occasions, such as Sabbath mornings and afternoons, on many Jewish Holidays. Carrying a Torah scroll and reading it aloud is the most sacramental part of the service in the synagogue.

Without any doubt you may say that the Torah Scroll is the representation of Judaism itself. It is an evident expression of our eternal bond with God and His wise guidance and care for His people.

As the original, Kosher Torah Scrolls are highly expensive, their printed replicas are used for study and teaching purposes.

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