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10 Reasons to buy

10 Reasons to buy “Made in Israel” Products

We all want to live in a country with a strong and stable economy. In a country where there are more jobs and the unemployment rate constantly falls. But what we really do in order to bring this bright future any closer?

One of the solutions is very simple: go Blue and White – buy Israeli products. Why? Here are 10 reasons that help to understand that buying Israeli products is the best way to help Israel and ourselves.

1. Independence is not a dirty word

A strong and independent economy is important for each country, but especially it is vital for a small country like Israel. Israel in addition to having a small market is surrounded by hostile neighbours. And if that is not enough – there are anti-Israeli activists in the world who are urging countries, churches and individuals to boycott Israeli goods.


israel shirt to buy


2. Made in Israel – is made with dignity

Israeli production takes care of its employees, providing them with working conditions and salaries that allow a decent living and maintain high environmental conditions. In contrast to the fact that when we buy a similar product made abroad, we can not always know the conditions in which it was made and what salaries have the workers who have made this product.


3. Development of production and industry

Any traditional production in the local market needs to continue the development, improvement of the quality of products and searching for new ideas. The local market helps the production to reach an international level and break into the world market.


4. Competitive Prices

Israeli goods are not more expensive than imported ones. Israel produces a large variety of goods at reasonable prices that allows to compete with foreign manufacturers.


5. Quality

Israeli goods are not of lower quality – Israeli production has proved that local products are of high quality and in no way are not inferior to foreign competitors. And in many cases even superior to them.



6. Export

Supporting Israeli industry domestically will allow it to enter the world market. Becoming a commodity in demand on the world market requires sufficient experience in the development and production of goods. And this is best done on the domestic market – in Israel.

7. Social equality

The Israeli production provides employment to workers from the periphery. When we buy Israeli products, we are helping to the further development of the infrastructure and employment in different spheres of production, as well as helping to reduce the gap between the center and the periphery of the country. In addition, we allow the help to develop wide employment opportunities for the large number of professionals from various fields: financiers, industrial workers, managers and more. Thus, we not only help the progress of production, but also the building of equal and healthy society.

8. Perfect match – matching the product to the local market

Israeli manufacturers are familiar with Israeli consumers and make products in accordance with the tastes and needs of the public. They know which ice cream flavor and what consistency of cottage cheese the Israelis like, and they make products suitable to the local climate and the market size.

For example, we all know that the Italian shoes are considered as the best in the world. But not many people know that the average Italian foot is narrower than the Israeli foot. Obviously, Israeli shoes are better suited Israelis than Italian.

9. Helping country prosper

When the goods are manufactured and purchased in Israel, all the profits, such as taxes and salaries, stay inside  the country, which increases the state treasury and improves living standard.

10. Blue and White is Green

“Made in Israel” products are produced with great care for the environment. Also, when there is no need in the long distance delivery, which reserves funds for investing in the ecology protection.



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