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Yardenit community

The Yardenit community is a community of believers from all over the world who support the Yardenit site, the Jordan River and the Sea of ​​Galilee as well as many projects. a community of hope, peace and love in the spirit of Jesus’ words. The Yardenit community gives back to its members: A variety of activities, benefits and the opportunity to leave your mark on the Yardenit site in the form of the Living Stones.


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    Benefits for community members

    Certificate of membership in the Yardenit community.

    10% discount on your first purchase on our on line store.

    Special benefits and discounts in our digital store throughout the year.

    Unique content about the Holy Land and the Jordan River.

    Participation in our events and conferences at a special price.

    Purchase the Living Stone at a special price for community members.

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    Support us

    Now you can Support Yardenit

    The Yardenit Baptismal site is open with no entrance fee. Your donation will help us continue to develop Yardenit so that we can host more pilgrims from all over the world.


    The Living Stones at the Yardenit site on the Jordan River

    The Jordan River Living Stones wall is located at our Olive Garden at Yardenit, On the banks of the Jordan River, which flows from the Sea of Galilee to the south.

    The Jordan River Living Stones is a wall made of personal ceramic tiles, installed one by one, creating an uplifting presentation from our dear friends of Yardenit all around the globe.

    Each tile carries the name of the donor: a Pastor, a Church, an organization, or any believer who wishes to leave a fingerprint in the Holy Land.

    Read more about the Living Stones at Yardenit
    Wall of New Life at Yardenit
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    Jordan River Living Stones
    living stone - yardenit
    Plant a tree on the Banks of the Jordan River
    yardenit living stone
    Your personal fingerprint in the Holy Land
    memorial living stone
    "all things have become new"
    wall of new life - yardenit
    Dozens of Christian communities from all over the world
    wall of life - jordan river
    muro de nueva vida - español
    living stone in spanish
    Olive tree and metal panel for community leaders
    holy land stone of life

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    Wall of New Life at Yardenit

    To be part of us

    The Yardenit community supports many projects

    It is important for us to support Christian communities in Israel. We want to turn the Yardenit community into a vibrant and active community whose goal is to encourage pilgrims to come to the Holy Land, to be baptised in the Jordan River, Reconnect to Jesus and walk in His footsteps.

    Our products are made by local businesses, and artists. our food products are purchased from local farmers.

    We take care of Yardenit site and continue to develop more facilities for pilgrims.

    We lovingly host people with disabilities onYardenit site.