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Epiphany Celebration at Yardenit

On January 19th, Yardenit held the Orthodox Epiphany celebration, for the first time in its 39 years!

The celebration was rich with prayers and blessings, blending with the live harmonious traditional singing of three Ukraine women.

Eighteen doves were released to the skies of the River and then it was the time for the “cross throw to the river ritual”

A few bold young men jumped into the freezing water and looked for the cross (not to compare with the similar Epiphany scene of icicles floating around the celebrants at Eastern Europe and north America).



Traditionally, the lucky guy to find the cross receives a handsome donation and is invited as a guest of honor to dine with the different participants, as he is considered a blessing.

The ceremony was conducted by Bishop Romanos Radu`an from the city of Nazareth, who is the representative of the “Russian Orthodox Church outside of Russia” in the Holy land.