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Jerusalem. The Eternal City.

Jerusalem. The Eternal City.

kyline of the Old City and Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel.

There is only one city in the world whose name evokes deepest respect and even an awe. It is Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

People from different countries, of different faith and race love Jerusalem and aspire to visit it at least once in a life time. Jerusalem is the sole city in the world that has more than seventy names, which express the love and desire of millions of people to it.

Jerusalem is not just a city where people live, work, fall in love, get married, where they are born and die… It is one of the most mysterious places on Earth.


Ancient Jerusalem


The city captivates and fascinates, it attracts and makes you fall in love with it. If you want to make sure it’s true – just go there and you will want to return again and again. You must not only see Jerusalem, but feel it with your soul. Here, in the holiest of the cities, the time and eternity are connected and the sense of reality is lost.

On ancient maps Jerusalem is placed in the center of the world, and in a way it is true even today, as Jerusalem is a center of three world religions.

It is a sacred place for Christians, Jews and Muslims. Every year thousands of people from different countries and religions come here because they consider themselves responsible for the fate of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is often called the city of the world, the city of three religions. This fantastic mix of history and peoples, traditions and cultures, where churches, synagogues and mosques are at every turn, you will not find anywhere else.

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The city looks as if the hand of the great master had put together pieces of the magnificent and colorful mosaic. Boys with sidelocks, men in old fashioned black coats hurrying to the synagogue, the Arabs, beckoning you to buy from them, the soldiers with assault rifles, tourists and pilgrims from all over the world. All this is accompanied by the chime of church bells and the voice of muezzin, summoning the faithful to prayer…

This picture is contradictory and harmonious at the same time. All you have left to do – is to behold and enjoy in a silent admiration.


via dolorosa jerusalem - Yardenit

Doesn’t matter how you visit Jerusalem: you may spend hours wandering alone its narrow winding streets, or wade through the crowds following your guide. Whatever trip to the city you will chose, you will never forget it.

Because once set a foot on this soil no one remains the same… This majestic city gets into your soul so relentlessly and naturally that it seems it has always been there.


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