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Kabbalah Jewelry

Kabbalah Jewelry

By wearing Kabbalah jewelry a person opens mystical spiritual channels and receives through them the energy needed to create all the desired changes in his life.

Kabbalah is the ancient science that studies the structure of the creation of the world, of everything that surrounds us. Kabbalah explains the cause of world’s creation and our function in it, tells us which path we need to go and how to live in harmony with the world.

This doctrine of the infinite was inherited from the ancient Kabbalists, who were given the ability to explore the Universe with a method called “Kabbalah. Kabbalah is a Hebrew word that derives from the root kabel, meaning receive. A Kabbalah is a received teaching or tradition.

After centuries of persecution, today Kabbalah is open to every person, regardless whether he is a believer or an atheist, a Jew or a son of any other people. This unique science opens to modern man the way in which he will be able to achieve wisdom and prosperity in life.

For millennia there is a tradition for the use of Kabbalistic talismans and amulets applicable to different aspects of life.

The knowledge and skill, coupled with ancient wisdom is expressed in Kabbalistic art mainly in jewelry. Kabbalah amulets not only have a historical importance, but at the same time it is a spiritual source of powerful energy and strength.

Why people love to wear Kabbalah Jewelry?

Kabbalah jewelry is mostly made of high quality materials such as sterling silver and pure gold. It is carefully hand crafted by skilled jewelers and deeply religious people in accordance with all the canons and requirements described in the ancient sources in order to achieve a great power of Universe.

Each symbol and each letter is cautiously copied from ancient books of Kabbalah wisdom.


King Solomon Seal and Kabbalah Jewelery


One of the well-known symbols in Kabbalah Jewelery is King Solomon Seal, to which many mystical powers are attributed.

Read about the seal of King Solomon that according to tradition, thanks to him King Solomon had the ability to understand and speak the language of animals, communicate with angels and control demons.



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