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New Moon Rosh Chodesh

New Moon Rosh Chodesh

The first day of the month (or the last day of the previous month, when it consisted of 30 days) – the  Rosh Chodesh is a semi-holiday in the Jewish calendar. Consecration of the Rosh Chodesh is the corner stone for all Jewish holidays and related Commandments, as its correct setting influences all the important dates.

Before the destruction of the Second Temple, the Rosh Chodesh was set and consecrated by special court, called the Sanhedrin. Back those days, the Rosh Chodesh was celebrated as other holidays: with the family, in festive clothes.  Apparently, the tradition of serving a special festive meal derived from the custom to treat the witnesses who came to the Sanhedrin to report the appearance of the new moon.

The Rosh Chodesh was the day, when it was common to visit the famous prophet and ask him about the fate of the people of Israel and about personal problems. In the temple on that day they held a special service, accompanied by the blowing of the trumpets and sacrifices.

Today the beginning of the month is not accompanied by the festival, as in the ancient times. This is partly due to the fact that today the Jewish calendar is not established on the testimony of witnesses. However, even today some properties of holidays are applied on this day. Although the tradition does not prohibit work on that day, there is a custom, not recommending for women to carry out work that can be transferred to another day. Prophet Isaiah says about the significance of the Rosh Chodesh in the future – during the Messianic Kingdom, when the Messiah on the throne of David, will rule from Jerusalem, people will come to worship Him on this day.

Therefore, the Rosh Chodesh is a special day of worship. Apparently, this prophecy also determines the nature of the new moon in the festive tradition.

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