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Do you want to learn an African language, but don’t know how to start?

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Your reply is probably negative, and we have no such plans at Yardenit, but last September we were thrilled to add the African language Wolof to the many languages and dialects represented in "The Wall of New Life" that surrounds the Yardenit site.   The Wall of New Life quotes the story of the baptism of [...]

Tabernacles is over now, but wait: did we get confused?

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Passover is the Jewish holiday celebrated to remember the Exodus from slavery to freedom and a reminder of the hardships that plagued the Israelites in their wandering in the desert for 40 years. If so, why do Jews build the traditional booths, "Sukkot" in Hebrew, as a symbol of sleeping in the desert, at the [...]

“In a daring mission into Arab countries, a kibbutz member from the Galilee managed to bring a valuable agricultural treasure into Israel.”

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Fake news? Not when we're speaking about the 1930s. This is the bold and surprising story of Ben-Zion Israeli, who dreamed of making the Land of Israel bloom through planting palm trees. Ben-Zion was a member of Kibbutz Kinneret, the kibbutz whose members established the Yardenit baptism site and have been running it for the [...]

How to choose gifts on Purim

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The month Adar is loved by all the Jewish people. This first spring month brings us the most joyful and cheerful holiday – Purim. This holiday was established in memory of the miraculous salvation of Jewish people that occurred more than 2,500 years ago. It is described in the Book of Esther. Purim is a […]

Celebrating Christmas in Israel

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Christmas celebration in Israel If you want to spend an unforgettable Christmas, you definitely need to visit Israel at this time. At Christmas, Israel invites tourists and pilgrims from all over the world to plunge into a very spiritual and eventful holiday atmosphere. During Christmas in Israel you can visit the Old City of Jerusalem […]

Israeli dates: the complete guide to Dates from Israel

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History and importance  of Dates. Dates are known to mankind since ancient times. This fruit is grown by man for more than five thousand years. To this day, they are an important element of the menu in many countries due to their unique nutritional and medicinal properties, not to mention their delicious taste. Recently, a […]

Olive Oil

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  Olive oil has been known to a mankind since ancient times. This product, poetically called by Homer “the liquid gold”, is used in cooking, medicine and cosmetics for thousands of years. What is so good about olive oil, what are its valuable qualities and how to use it with the best benefit? In this […]

Israeli Wines from ancient times until today.

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The first evidences of the winemaking in the Jewish history appear in the Old and New Testament. “Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works”. Ecclesiastes 9:7 “My mother’s sons were angry with me and made me take care of the […]

The Food of Israel

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Israel. The Holy Land. An amazing state formed relatively recently. Food in Israel is similar to the country, it is an incredible mix of cultures, all kinds of national dishes, interweaving between East and West. After returning to their ancient Land, the Jews not only brought with them a variety of languages ​​and traditions, but […]

The History of Jewish Art

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The history of the Jewish art is similar to the history of the Jewish religion and Jews – it comprises many places and times. It is impossible to study the world of the Jewish art without realizing the enormity of the Jewish culture. Since the days of the Diaspora Jews were part of other cultures. […]